Wall Mount

40 €

Finest construction quality


Expand your training possibilities with G-Force Wall Mount, for a wider range of motion, suspended higher up off the ground, with more room for movement, to increase resistance load and vectors.


  • High quality steel mount with solid and strong welds.
  • Tested with a load of 400 kg. More than enough for all G-Force applications.
  •  It can be mounted into vertical walls, to the ceiling, overhead beams or studs.
  • Apply 4 screws to maximize firmness and strength (by distributing the weight in 4 points) and  easily hold your weight in any training  application
  • Suitable for both commercial and home use.
  • Measures: 80mm x 100mm



The installation can be easily made by you, but We recommend a professional installation in order to evaluate solidity of the wall for your safety (make sure to install it on strong/sturdy load bearing walls). Screws are not included. Verify with a professional,  the right set of screws that better suit the installation. We recommend to use chemical fixing, easily available in any bricolage store (and follow literally the instructions provided with the chemical fixing of your choice).





Best Wall Mount setup, in function of what you do with your  G-Force

 If the ceiling is not an option (negative evaluation from a professional), the wall is anyway excellent to perform a wide variety of exercises. Fix the wall mount at 7-9 feet from the floor.

The Wall Mount on the ceiling is the best solution for your G-Force, in order to grant you the widest range of motion, working out with the highest resistance and load.

Best Wall Mount setup for One-on-One and Cable training

For the One-on-One training we suggest to fix the Wall Mount on the wall, at 7-9 feet from the ground. You got the widest range of exercises to be performed with that angle. You can train even when anchored to the ceiling, but you need some room around you, in order to work at the right angle.

When training on the Cable Pulley System, you got  only the ceiling option.

Best Wall Mount setup with your Handlebar

Fix the Wall Mount on the ceiling, if you are a biker, mountain biker, hang-glider... in order to get the highest load on the body positions typical of your sport.

Fix the Wall Mount on the wall if you do windsurf, kitesurf, sup, kayak or rowing.

Lock your feet on the wall, and  workout with the load and resistance that better suit your training needs.

Best Wall Mount setup with Powermoves and Advanced kit

Just fix the Wall Mount on the ceiling, if you train Flares or if you do calisthenics and climbing.

Double Wall Mount setup with Ring Dream Machine

If you have the Cable Mode components, the Ring Dream Machine, or if you do Ring training (with the Rings/Load Leashes), your perfect setup is to install 2 Wall Mounts on the ceiling.

The luxury of a perfect setup, in the comfort of your home (or gym).


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