Rings/Load Leashes

29 €

Finest construction quality


Attach the Rings Leashes to the handles of your G-Force, to get the most portable Ring training system on the market.

Made with climbing webbing, build and tested to hold more than 1500 kg.


But there is more:

Use this Expansion with the G-Force Handles,  as a pair of dumbbells for a full body workout.

The connection system allows the use of many objects as  weights that you can lift (weight plates, bottles of water, a bag full of rocks, wood logs ...).


WHAT DO YOU NEED? G-Force + Rings/Load Leashes


The most portable Rings training gear

Gymnastic feeling

For all those who love  the  distinct natural feel of  Birch wood rings  with a textured, grip-friendly surface that works with or without chalk, combine the Load Leashes with our Gymnastic Wood Rings Handles (Diameter 23cm, Width 32mm).

Extreme upper body strength

Build an incredible coordination and muscular control using your body weight, as the handles move in three dimensions.


This kind of training stimulate more muscle fibers than any other workout, as every exercise that involves the active muscles, require all the opposing muscles to control and stabilize the handles.


  • build the adequate strength and confidence to progress from basic pull-ups and dips,  to exercises like muscle-ups, planches, levers, iron-cross...


  • build rock-solid joints and tendons with basic exercises and high rep sets;


  • when hanging (doing dips, pull-ups...), you train without compressing the spinal column, recovering and resting the nervous system;


Your training kit for a lifetime of challenges.


Weight training anywhere

More effective than training with dumbbells as the gravity center  is shifted under the handles, so the muscles need to workout harder and with a wider range of motion then classic dumbbells


More core recruitment to keep this kit stable during an exercise (while training with dumbbells, barbells or machines requires less and less core stabilization): that’s why it feels heavier than training with dumbbells when performing the same exercise with the same weight.


  • train the entire body with a huge variety of exercises;


  • well suited for explosive training;


  • minimize strength imbalances, as each arm work with equivalent weight;


  • train one side of the body at a time, to engage heavier weights and make the core muscle working hard (to prevent the body tipping to one side).

For a Complete workout at home, as you would do at the Gym


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