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Assisted Rings Training System

We realized the most complete Ring Dream Machine, with 7 different setup in one kit

(all components needed are included)

Finest construction quality


Depending on your training needs, you can setup the system in order to reduce your bodyweight.

- Reduce your bodyweight  of 50% (with the Setup C),  in order to get in a progressive way the strength, the endurance, the coordination and the balance needed to master the hardest exercises on rings.


- Once you master your training with this kind of assistance, you can progressively reduce the support by working with counterweights (Setup D for ground training, like with parallelettes and Setup E for Still Rings).


- When you don't want any support, just train your skills with the Setup A, that is the most portable Still Rings kit on the market.


Train with hard skills, like muscle-up, levers, iron cross, planches, maltese and more.


This kind of training support is commonly used by gymnasts in order to progress and train reducing the risk of injuries. It's also great to warm up before practicing hard skills with your bodyweight. Commonly used also for rehab.


Maximize hold and comfort with Birch wood rings. Diameter 23cm, Width 32mm

2 sets of pulleys, to allow the use of the belt and reduce your weight of 50% when training in Rings Mode, and to use the counterweights when training calisthenics skills
G-Force BELT

Wide and padded belt for maximum comfort when performing skills on the rings. A double metal Safe & Quick release allow to get in and out of the belt with ease. The Fasten system allow to regulate and adapt the belt to all users with a waist ranging from 78 to 92 cm (30 to 36 inches).

Quick attachment system to load any heavy object at your disposal to be used as counterweight when training with your Rings Dream Machine

2 sets, to connect the 2 pulleys to any post, beam, pole, etc.. Quick and easy set-up. Train Indoor and Outdoor.

2 sets of Climbing tapes for maximum strength (2000kg hold), durabilty, and lightness.

Attach the Rings Leashes to the Pro-Handles, to get the most portable Still Rings training system on the market. Made with climbing webbing, build and tested to hold more than 1500 kg.

We designed this Belt in order to offer you the most comfortable training gear for Ring and Calisthenics training (unlike other similar products on the market, that are narrow, stiff and uncomfortable, our Belt is wider and  more padded for your maximum comfort when performing skills on the ring).

A double metal Safe & Quick release allow to get in and out of the belt with ease. The Fasten system allow to regulate and adapt the belt to all users with a waist ranging from 78 cm to 92 cm (30 to 36 inches).


Perfect integration for all the people who want to learn skills on rings, and  improve their strength for calisthenics. All in a very progressive way, to allow the body to adapt to the strain of hard to learn skills.


Used in Gymnastic, Cross Fit and Calisthenics training centers.


Classic Ring Dream Machine - Setup C

The handles and the belts are directly connected by straps going through the pulleys.

This setup allows to discharge half your weight on the belt that support your body.


This should be your first setup choice when you are working on new skills, in order to understand the technique, and start to train your muscles without excessive loads.


By reducing your bodyweight  of 50% you can get in a progressive way the strength, the endurance, the coordination and the balance needed to master the hardest exercises on rings.


When you are fit enough, you can keep on training with this setup wearing a weighted vest in order to keep training in a safe and  progressive way toward your goals or you can proceed with the Setup E

Assisted Calisthenics Machine - Setup D

Change the setup of the Ring Dream Machine (using the pulleys with counter-weights) in order to improve progressively your strength to master hard calisthenics skills.


By changing the counter-weights,  you can choose the support needed in order to practice the desired skills. Overtime, you can gradually  reduce the assistance needed by reducing the counter-weights, until you have the strength to perform the skill on your own.

Unlike the use of rubber bands (that provide variable assistance along the range of motion), this system provides a constant support, with the possibility to control the intensity of it.


This is a tool commonly used in calisthenics, gymnastic and climbing in order to:

  • develop the right movement and technique from the start;
  • reduce the risk of injuries as you progressively approach your goals;
  • measure your progress as you can quantify the assistance needed.


Planche push-up training, assisted with 2 counterweights

One arm Chin-up training, assisted with 2 counterweights

Assisted training on Still Rings - Setup E

Combine our portable Still Rings (Setup A) with the Setup D,  in order to get just the support needed on the skills that you are training.

Progressively change the counter-weights and get closer to your goal.


This training is commonly done by top gymnasts to learn new strength skills, and to avoid injuries due to over training.

HEAVY TRAINING on RINGS (2 setup available)

Still Rings - Setup A

Build an incredible coordination and muscular control using your body weight, as the handles move in three dimensions.


This kind of training stimulate more muscle fibers than any other workout, as every exercise that involves the active muscles, require all the opposing muscles to control and stabilize the handles.


  • build the adequate strength and confidence to progress from basic pull-ups and dips,  to exercises like muscle-ups, planches, levers, iron-cross...


  • build rock-solid joints and tendons with basic exercises and high rep sets;


  • when hanging (doing dips, pull-ups...), you train without compressing the spinal column, recovering and resting the nervous system;


Your training kit for a lifetime of challenges.

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g-force move: the most portable training system

Sliding Rings - Setup B

Just harder than Rings Training:

the double pulley system add an incredible smoothness to every pull and push movement: this instability need to be compensated by an even more muscle engagement (the simple act of doing push-ups, with the handles moving in, out, back, forth, up and down, requires great core strength and muscle stabilization).


With some exercises like pull-ups and dips you might be familiar, but you are used to train on a stable object like bars or parallels. You worry only about pulling or pushing your body. With the SLIDING RINGS you have to stabilize the handles that are free to move everywhere (in, out, back, forth, up and down), while pulling or pushing your body. This kind of action requires much more effort, control and tension.

The freedom of the handles, it’s transmitted to your joints improving drastically mobility and strength through a full range of motion.

The unstable and challenging contraction you get, when you are in full body suspension, are the ultimate performance goal you can achieve in your training. Moving your body through space will trigger upper body and core strength.


This training requires patience and dedication,  and it's  also the perfect training for Climbers and Pullup lovers. You can play with such a variety of pull movements, making the training fresh, various and very intense.

UPPER BODY CONDITIONING (2 setup available)

Double Cable Pulley System -  Setup F

Transform the Ring Dream Machine in a Double Cable Pulley System to recruit all major muscle groups while moving in multiple planes and practice rotational movements, isolation exercises and rehabilitation:


  • training for athletes of all ages and fitness conditions;
  • train almost every human movement pattern. Stabilize and integrate core and lower body when performing upper body push and pull motion;
  • swimming conditioning system;

Train almost every human movements , with real push, pull, rotational and smashing patterns.

One Arm Pull-Up -  Setup G

As simple as effective to train and learn One Arm Pull-Ups.


Attach some weights to the strap of the Rings, and place it over an horizontal bar where it can slide.

While one arm hold the bar and pull to make a pull-up or chin-up, the other hand hold the Ring handle and help the lifting motion just with the weight anchored at the end of the strap.


That is the maximum aid you get from the counterweight, so you are aware of support received and over time reduce the counterweight, until you can do a proper one arm pull-up.


This kind of training is suggested only for people that is very close to do One Arm Pull-Up. Not for beginners.


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