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Elastic Resistance Training

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With resistance bands you can train  in any direction (not only against the force of gravity, as with a dumbbell):

you can pull forward and upward, you can push backward and downward, as well as perform rotational movements, even combining the moves in a fluid manner.

They are great for targeting stabilizing muscles, and to assist you in bodyweight exercises as pull-ups.


The POWER BANDS Kit includes 3 bands with different resistance (Light, Medium and Intense) and one Ring Handle that allows to hold the band firmly (without the discomfort of pressure points and friction when you hold the bands in your hand), and allows multiple grip positions:

  • with just one hand for maximum intensity and unilateral moves;
  • with 2 hands to exert full power with bilateral exercises and rotational moves;
  • you can also train without the handle for many multi compound, legs and bodyweight exercises.


The shape of the Ring Handle allows to train your arms at different angles (underhand, overhand, hammer grip and other angles to train with maximum comfort).

The Handle is made of Birch wood with a Diameter of 23cm and a Width of 32mm, with a textured, grip-friendly surface that works with or without chalk. It has a distinct natural feel preferred by many athletes.

The setup is fast and easy.



Power Bands can bring seriuos value to your workouts thanks to the "ACCOMODATING RESISTANCE": the farther you pull a resistance band, the more it quite literally “resists” you. Take a biceps curl. Curl the dumbbell upwards, and there comes a point where the curl actually gets “easy” for your biceps, near the top of the motion. The length of the lever that challenges your biceps decreases as you finish the exercise, meaning gravity can no longer create challenge with the dumbbell (and your muscle no longer needs to create as much force to fight that challenge). With a resistance band, as you near the top, it doesn’t get easier; instead, you have to work to earn the squeeze at the top of the curl. The stretched band is fighting you more, forcing you to accelerate through the entire range of motion and challenging your muscle fibers in a different way. You’ll have to squeeze your muscles extra-hard to fight banded resistance, a habit that will improve your dumbbell training, too.

POWER BANDS are modular: Expand your kit

For maximum versatility and for a very intense workout, you can also order 2 kit of POWER BANDS, in order to train  simultaneously both arms, at different angles, with a dedicated Power Band (of the same resistance) and Ring Handle.

Elastic Resistance and Pulley Suspension Workout

The POWER BANDS kit is also expandable with G-Force, so we developed a CONNECTION Kit to do so.

The combination of the two training tools allows a lot of movement and to mimic and recreate everyday movements with an incredible smoothness and authenticity:

this is great for working your joints, increasing and strengthening natural movement patterns used in daily activities, often characterized by sudden acceleration and deceleration.


Easily mimic movements like swimming strokes, baseball swings and throws, football throws, surfboard paddling, golf swings, tennis strokes, as well as mixed martial arts fighting techniques for enhanced training effect, to train speed and agility drills, to make you faster and stronger with shadow boxing, punching speed and toning.

Improve pull and rowing movements with Elastic Resistance

The combination of G-Force HANDLEBAR with the POWER BANDS allows to mimic and recreate all rowing and pulling movements with an incredible smoothness and authenticity (perfect for SUP, kayak, windsurf and kite training).


Here the links to all components needed to train with this extraordinary combination of training tools:

Elastic Resistance and Bodyweight Training

You can also combine resistance bands training with Bodyweight training. Order 2 kits of G-Force POWER BANDS, together with the accessory Rings Load Leashes.



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