3 Training Scenarios
For Fitness, technique & style... in classes or on your own

Get used to the weight of the FITSWORD®, with a safe progression, made of  simple and basic gestures with a weight that you can handle, and over time increase the weight and complexity of gestures and choreographies.

  • Get fit and learn the skills needed to practice on Fitness and Light Combat


  • Learn all the gestures and combination of gestures to strike blows and to defend against them


  • Choreographic movements from short/easy to long/complex sequences


  • Suitable for classes with music to improve the form of the movements and to increase strenght, endurance, agility, coordination


  • Task is to master the use of the swords that makes repetitions more fun and entertaining than the steril use of clubs and kettlebells
Total body workout

Develop strength, while improving coordination and self-awareness (due to the handling of the FITSWORD® from basic to more complex movements on a tri-planar space).


It’s real Functional Training for a total body workout, as handling the FITSWORD® works directly your arms and shoulders, while working your core and legs, as the transmission of power (and control) goes through this kinetic chain.


Having the whole body in motion, while controlling the FITSWORD®, with some footwork, squatting, lunging and dodging emphasize the proprioceptive awareness (improving balance, coordination, reflexes and agility).



Thanks to the momentum created with the circular motion, you increase the strength without placing unnecessary strain on joints and connective tissues. Instead you strengthen the joints through traction and shock absorption of repeated movements.

This is physics applied to human mechanic: swinging the FITSWORD® twice as fast produces four times the torque and momentum, hence the superior strength conditioning, without the traumas of weight training where you compress the joints.


Symmetric Training and improved coordination

We made the training symmetric all along the learning curve, even at the very beginning. At first you should alternate during your training session, the use of one arm and then of the other, in order to learn and master the use of the sword with each arm, your natural dominant arm, as the other not natural and non-dominant arm.


The alternate training allows to rest one arm while training the other, flowing from exercise to exercise without pause (added cardio value).


You'll get the coordination needed to master the FITSWORD® with the non-dominant side of your body.

Dual swords wielding

The ultimate training goal is the ability to  use effectively 2 FITSWORDS®, and the ability to practice and duell with them.

it requires lots of coordination and mind-body control. Build the automatism to make the 2 arms independent and able to strike an attack while the other arm defends you from a blow. To make it possible, the non-dominant arm must have been trained as long and with the same attention of the dominant arm.


Freestyle & Dexterity

With your FITSWORD® you can do free-style drills, where creativity is mixed with athletic skills and infinite possibilities.

Free-style moves will open the door of improvisation, linking drills that involve one arm, two arms doing the same moves, two arms doing different moves, all combined with foot-works or other functional movements.

You can spend an entire training session (we often spend entire afternoons) just practicing various drills, on your own or with friends, and contaminate your style with the style of the others. Learning and training by doing.


All in a safer way than with Clubbells, being the blade soft and padded, and in a healthier way for your joints (thanks to the reduced torque having the mass almost  concentrated on the handle, instead than on the elongated part).

The result is an exhausting workout for your arms, shoulders, chest, back, core and legs. You won’t count the strokes… you just keep going until your body says stop.

Light combat

Even if you play slow and soft, each move is a rep... every duel is a straining set. At every attack, at every move, you'll feel the FITSWORD® more and more heavy, but you got to endure and keep on sparring, till your contender can't lift his sword anymore!!

You will gain strength from sword cut/thrust/parry exercises and endurance if you train with long sequences of cuts.


Gladiators  would spend hours a day training with their heavy wooden swords (rudus) through a full body workout by moving their bodies around through pushing, thrusting, twisting, dodging, squatting and lunging away from the opponent. The constant swinging of the sword helped sculpting shoulders, arms, core, legs while they refined technique, gaining strength and stamina.

  • Contenders are far enough (at least 1 meter from each other) to avoid head and body contact with the swords and shields


  • Choreographic fights from short/easy to long/complex sequences


  • Main tasks are to learn the aesthetics of the movements and to increase strenght, endurance, agility, coordination


  • Task is NOT to harm the contender: shots of low to to average power


  • Feel the strain of the gladiators combat, when the sword and the shield become so heavy to be lifted but the fight must keep going...


  • Reach strenght and endurance levels that you couldn’t reach outside of the adrenaline’s fight
Safety when training and sparring

Safety depends on the distance.

The FITSWORD® is like a short sword (70 cm long). The range is limited and the movements are wide and predictables.


The purpose of this training is having fun and learn the technique with style, while you improve strenght, endurance, agility, coordination.

The size doesn't matter

You can’t swing and use the FITSWORD® without using your muscles. It’s your muscles that power the FITSWORD®, so you have to choose the weight that you can properly handle.

This means that two persons of different sizes/strenghts can train together with FITSWORDS® of different weight.

Each contender struggles with the weight of the FITSWORD® chosen, while sparring and training.


This feature allow the practice in a mixed class with people of different size and strength, as they can train together, each one feeling the strain of their training.



Once you master the Fitness and Light Combat skills, you can practice some Combat for more freedom and unpredictability.

You enter the world of combat sports and martial arts where confrontation is more "hard" and the purpose is no longer the simulation of the basic movements but their real application with the intent to touch or strike the opponent (in this case the use of protections is strongly recommended).

  • Only after mastering the Fitness and Light Combat skills, the contenders must decide and agree the level of engagement


  • Keep always a safe distance and do NOT aim for neck, head and sensitive parts of the body


  • Purpose is to touch the contender with the soft part of the sword


  • Head and body protections needed


  • Shots of average power


  • More freedom and unpredictability
Expect the unexpected

When training alone, you can make your technique and style perfect. Repetion makes perfection.

But when you train with a partner, be ready to adapt all you have learned to an endless amount of variables.

Every contender is different. The interaction provides different situations each time, forcing you to change and adapt what you learned.



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