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FITSWORD® Modular  Pro  The ultimate training sword

from 1,5 to 4 kg


The training is symmetric by alternating the FITSWORD® at each set in your hands (in order to rest one arm between one set and the other), flowing without stops (added cardio value) to get dexterity and control with both arms (improved coordination)

229 €

The VALUE of 7 swords for the PRICE of 1

The FITSWORD® Modular Pro comes with 6 Metal Plates and 6 Black Plates. You can combine those plates in 7 different ways, ranging from 1,5 kg to 4 kg (3,3 lbs to 8,9 lbs).

For maximum training versatility: learn to master the alternate use of the FITSWORD® with both arms, and increase complexity with Dual Swords Wielding (wielding 2 FITSWORD® at the same time).

445 €

Maximum modularity for the most complete of the FITSWORDs®.

In function of your skills, your strength and kind of training that you want to do (fitness, cardio, dexterity, rehab, strength, combat), you setup your FITSWORD®, with the weight that you need, from 1,5 to 4 kg (3,3 to 8.9 lbs).

This weight range will guarantee a demanding and progressive training  on all sport applications for athletes with good or excellent physical preparation.


The ultimate goal is be to become almost ambidextrous in wielding the FITSWORD® to train and combat with two swords.

The possibility of learning more and more moves, to combine them, to make cool sequences in which you are (at the same time) training, conditioning, learning and having fun is a unique feature of the FITSWORD®: you can do free-style drills, where creativity is mixed with athletic skills and infinite possibilities to perform very intense physical workout.


If you want to train with maximum intensity, the FITSWORD® Modular Pro is the right choice for you.


  • EXCLUSIVE FREE ACCESS to the TRAINING and TUITION (Handbook and Video Tutorials)

from 1,2 to 2,7 kg

179 €

The VALUE of 4 swords for the PRICE of 1

The FITSWORD® Modular comes with 3 Metal Plates and 2 Black Plates. You can combine those plates in 4 different ways, ranging from 1,2 kg to 2,7 kg (2,7 lbs to 6 lbs).

347 €

FITSWORD® Modular   Maximum versatility in one sword

Simplified design for the most versatile of the FITSWORDs®.

  • With the lightest setup (1,2 kg - 2,7 lbs), you have the balance of a normal sword (Center of Gravity distributed along the blade), and you can use it as a boffer.
  • With the heaviest setup (2,7 kg - 6 lbs), you have a weight that is more than enough for the training progression of 70% of the users.

It shares the construction quality and features of all our FITSWORDs®.


With this weight range you have maximum versatility, modularity and the widest range of training applications.


  • EXCLUSIVE FREE ACCESS to the TRAINING and TUITION (Handbook and Video Tutorials)

White & Black FITSWORD®    Your Fixed Weight Fitsword

FITSWORD® with fixed weight of 1,5 and 2,5 kg (3,3 and 5,5 lbs) designed to satisfy the needs of:


  • GYM and TRAINING CENTERS: this is the perfect solution for groups and classes with a tool that is simple, sturdy and affordableYou can order a mix of White and Black FITSWORD, to have the right weight for any client's  body type. With this weight range, you can satisfy the training needs of 80% of the people.


  • PRIVATE USERS: a good choice for anybody who want to try this sport with a small investment, but with all the quality of the FITSWORD products.
As heavy as a sword

You can use it as Boffer (mock weapons commonly used in medieval combat sports and battle gaming) with a perfect COMBAT FEELING (the solidity of the inner reinforced soul, combined with the Shock Absorption quality of the blade makes a huge difference compared to any other boffer). You won't feel vibrations in your hands, but nice and solid shock absorbed shots.

109 €

199 €

White FITSWORD: As heavy as a sword. 1,5 kg is the perfect weight to start your FITSWORD training. It allows good handling for the beginner, it's perfect to learn freestyle and dexterity moves. It’s heavy as the short sword used by gladiators in combat, so you can get fit through the use of this FITSWORD with a total body workout (made of thrusting, swinging, striking, twisting, dodging, squatting and lunging away from the opponent). We suggest you this model if you are not used to heavy workouts, and you are interested on the mentioned above trainings. EXCLUSIVE FREE ACCESS to the TRAINING and TUITION (Handbook and Video Tutorials)

119 €

219 €

Black FITSWORD: Heavier than a sword. 2,5 kg get heavy in your hands after few moves. Gladiators spent part of their training using weapons that were heavier than the ones used in combat, with the purpose of getting stronger and more ready for the strain of the battle. The constant swinging of the sword helped sculpting shoulders, arms, core, legs. This is what you get and feel with the Black FITSWORD! We suggest you this model if you are fit and already strong. EXCLUSIVE FREE ACCESS to the TRAINING and TUITION (Handbook and Video Tutorials)

79 €

FITSWORD® Backpack

If you commute around the city to train with your friends, you can carry your Dual FITSWORD® kit, with the comfort of a backpack. Sometimes we even use it as a weighted vest, to do pushups, dips or pull-ups.

89 €

FITSWORD® Wall Mount

Keep your FITSWORD® in order and ready for your training.  Just hang up to 4 FITSWORD® by the handle.

Perfect solution for Gym and Training Centers. Iron made.  The price is per single WALL MOUNT unit. The FITSWORDs shown are not included.

All the TRAINING INCLUDED, from basic to complex drills

You will have exclusive FREE access to the training and education that we developed, with a progressive approach made in order to strengthen your body while you learn  basic movements. As you get stronger and familiar with moves and drills, the exercises get more complex and demanding on both the fitness (solo or  group activity) and  sword fight approach.


No entry barriers: handling the FITSWORD® is perfectly natural for everybody… also for those who never handled a sword and never thought they would.


Fast learning curve: all you’ll see in our lessons, videos, tutorials has been learned by us in few months of intense training. We took inspiration from many fitness and martial arts disciplines, and applied to the use with the FITSWORD®.


Long lasting experience: the variety of training styles, the solo training, the activity groups, the complexity of movements and sequences that are possible to learn, assure a long lasting experience that will tranform the way you move, improving senses and body.


Tutorials &  Training Video

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FITSWORD® Handbook

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FITSWORD® Video Tutorials


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