Belt for Calisthenics and Rings training

150 €

Finest construction quality


We designed this Belt in order to offer you the most comfortable training gear for Ring and Calisthenics training (unlike other similar products on the market, that are narrow, stiff and uncomfortable, our Belt is wider and  more padded for your maximum comfort when performing skills on the ring).

A double metal Safe & Quick release allow to get in and out of the belt with ease. The Fasten system allow to regulate and adapt the belt to all users with a waist ranging from 78 cm to 92 cm (30 to 36 inches).


Perfect integration for all the people who want to learn skills on rings, and  improve their strength for calisthenics. All in a very progressive way, to allow the body to adapt to the strain of hard to learn skills.


Used in Gymnastic, Cross Fit and Calisthenics training centers.

This is an Expansion Kit, to be used with G-FORCE and the Cable Mode Expansion kit.

It works only in combination with them.

Rings Dream Machine for Calisthenics and Gymnastics

Setup this Expansion with G-FORCE and the Double Cable Mode kit, to reduce your bodyweight  of 50%, in order to train with hard skills, like muscle-up, levers, iron cross, planches, maltese and more.


This is a great learning tool, in order to get in a progressive way the strength, the endurance, the coordination and the balance needed to master the hardest exercises on rings.

This kind of training support is commonly used by gymnasts in order to progress and train reducing the risk of injuries. It's also great to warm up before practicing hard skills with your bodyweight.


When you are fit enough, you can practice wearing a weighted vest in order to keep training in a safe and  progressive way toward your goals.


WHAT DO YOU NEED? G-Force + Belt + Cable Mode Components



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