Heavy Weighted Training Swords, for Fitness & Combat Sports

  • 3 Training scenarios: Fitness & Sport Conditioning, Fitness & Light Combat, Combat


  • Train in classes or on your own, to learn techniques and style, while getting stronger


  • Each move is a rep, each duel is a straining set


  • All the TRAINING included (Handbook & Video Tutorials), from basic to advanced drills

119 €


129 €


183 €


239 €



Concept & Features
FITSWORD® VS Heavy Foam Boffer

An Heavy Foam Boffer has an heavy reinforced inner soul, that increases the striking energy (DANGEROUS IMPACTS) as a normal sword and it is not suitable for unarmored training. The FITSWORD® has lower Center of Gravity hence the reduced striking energy and danger, thanks as well to the Blade made of an innovative strong but soft and light material, the EXTRALIGHT®
FROM 1.5 to 4 KG (3,3 to 8.9 Lbs)

90% of the people will be more than satisfied with this weight range. When you put this kind of weight in motion with dynamic movements, the FITSWORD® will feel very heavy after few repetitions.

We developed this training gear based on a very simple idea able to transform an offensive tool (the sword) into a safe training tool: the FITSWORD®:


  • We inverted the physics usually applied to any offensive, work  or sport tool (a sword, a baseball bat, a golf club, an hammer, an axe, ...): their weight is concentrated on the top end, in order to emphasize the momentum and the kinetic energy coming from a small swing so that the force applied to the target is devastating.


  • What happens if almost all the weight is concentrated on the handle?  That you make a big effort so there is a fitness and training value in every movement, but the energy transmitted by the top end is quite limited, making the tool as inoffensive and not harmful as possible.


  • The ‘’blade’’ is padded with Extralight®, a soft and light innovative material with excellent Shock Absorption qualities that makes any contact with the body as safe as possible.

Finest construction quality    Designed & Made in Italy

Every FITSWORD model has  2 kind of Weight Plates:


- Metal Plates: cnc machined from solid block of Stainless Steel, with a weight of 0.5 kg (1,1 lb) each.

- Black Plates: cnc machined from solid block of Delrin, with a weight of 100 grams (0,2 lb) each.


Combine the Metal and Black Plates, to get the weight that you better handle for your task, from 1 to 4 kg (2,2 to 8,9 lbs).


- Inner soul in Aluminum

- Handle cnc machined from solid block of Aluminum

- Blade in Extralight®: light, soft, shockproof, durable, abrasion resistant

- Total Length: 70 cm


Long lasting experience

Training with the FITSWORD® will assure you countless training routines whether you are into fitness or more into combat sports.

The training value lies in the simplicity of use, in the immediate and intuitive application also for the beginner (satisfying experience), and in the increasing complexity of movements that you can perform.

Develop strength and endurance, while improving coordiantion and self-awareness (due to the handling of the FITSWORD® from basic to complex drills on a tri-planar space).

It's real Functional Training for a total body workout.


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